Beginning Sublime Text 3

I’m quite late to the party on this one, as many developers have been using it for years. 

As a .NET developer I’ve never paid that much attention to text editors other than Visual Studio but I’ve just heard about Sublime today, and thought I’d check it out. I went for the version 3 beta. It’s very slick and haven’t found any bugs so far.

Once running, just press ctrl+alt+p to bring up the command pallete (this might be different for non windows versions, alternatively its available for the tools menu) then type “pci”. This shows “Package Control: Install Package”. Click this and you get the full list of available free plugins and there are hundreds. There are loads of sites reviewing all the top plugins so I won’t cover that here but I just wanted to say to give it a try. 

The main disadvantage in comparison to Visual Studio is that you don’t get the Intellisense. So I’m not going to use it as my main editor just yet, but I definitely recommend trying it out if you haven’t already.

Further Reading
Sublime Package Control

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