I have brain cancer. What’s your excuse?

Tragedy can bring out the best in people. Filter out the unimportant worries in your life and focus just on what you want to achieve and how to get there. This is excellent advice and a very powerful story from Ronnie. My heart goes out to him with best wishes for him and his family.

Is TDD dead? Really?

Since starting the zombie code kill blog, a post on TDD has been on my to do list, but I found it to be a difficult topic to write on. This is because it is difficult to treat the topic in a fair and balanced way while keeping it short enough to remain an interesting…

Heartbleed bug – the source code

Originally posted on Artineering:
So just recently a vulnerability in OpenSSL’s heartbeat extension was found which was quickly dubbed –Heartbleed. In essence, this bug allows a malicious attacker to read more than an allowed chunk of memory that might contain sensitive information from other sessions i.e. the heart beat extension bleeds memory therefore heartbleed. Its…