Outlier Developer: The Road From Nobody To Half A Somebody

Outlier Developer is a new site created by Cory House for developers aspiring to do more with their careers. There is also a new course called “Becoming an Outlier: Reprogramming the developer mind”, which at the time of writing, is the 2nd most popular course on Pluralsight.

My latest post The Road From Nobody To Half A Somebody is about raising your profile. I have some supplementary material here that goes into more details than I could cover on outlier developer.

Nine Strategies for becoming famous in the tech industry

Strategy Examples Pros Cons
  1. Become CEO of a major international software company

Satya Nadella,

Tim Cook,

Larry Ellison

You get to make a dent in the universe Dream on! In reality only a handful of people in the world can make it
  1. Create a popular programming language

Anders Hejlsberg (C#),

James Gosling (Java),

Guido van Rossum (Python)

Inspire many thousands of developers to program in a new and improved way Difficult to program any new language, especially a good one
  1. Create a tech startup offering a service never seen before
Avery Wang (Shazam) Excitement, adventure and wealth for the successful There’s about a 99% chance of your startup going bankrupt
  1. Become one of the top rated users on StackOverflow
Jon Skeet Shows the world how knowledgeable you are Unless you already have a good reputation, climbing all the way to the top will be very tough
  1. Become an international speaker / developer evangelist

Jesse Stay,

Scott Hanselman

Get to fly around the world and share your passions with  thousands of like- minded people All of those really long hours are going to catch up with you one day
  1. Become known as the main contributor of a wildly successful open source software project

John Resig,

Ryan Lienhart Dahl

Open source projects hone your development skills For every JQuery or NodeJS in GitHub there are a hundred other projects that the author has put blood, sweat and tears into but sadly almost nobody cares about
  1. Become a famous book author
Robert Martin,
Steve McConnell
Success will earn you respect from other authors, developers and bloggers Even if it’s good, no guarantee it will sell well. It could cost you more than you make back. Tech changes rapidly so your book may date quickly
  1. Become a famous blogger
Jeff Atwood,
Scott Allen,

Pinal Dave

You get to have your say on anything you’re interested in writing about Blogs are ten a penny. Standing out from the crowd is not easy.
  1. Become a famous twitter microblogger
Joe Ingeno Watch your followers grow every day. A potential 645 million out there Your tweets lack visibility after a day or so unless you’re getting many retweets

The first strategies are considerably more difficult to achieve, than the latter ones.

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