Making The Most Of Pluralsight

My latest article is available now on Outlier Developer and I am thrilled with the initial response.

First Aaron Skonnard retweeted to 101k followers and then Pluralsight retweeted to 203k followers.

On Outlier Developer, there have been some very interesting comments left. Please keep them coming! I will respond to as many as I can.

In the article I recommend using notepad++ for note taking. A couple of people have recommended Evernote instead.

I have only tried the basic free version of Evernote so far so I would be interested to hear about what the premium version gives you over the free version. I very much miss notepad++’s auto-completion feature when using Evernote as I can’t type nearly as quickly. I do think it is quite useful to write the files in notepad++ and then copy them over into Evernote at the end so that I can have proper headings and sections instead of using the primitive * This is a Header * notation.

Unfortunately for some reason when I paste into Evernote all of the tabs get lost. If anyone knows a way to stop this happening I would be most grateful.

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