Book and Course Pairings

sommelier service

Just like a good Sommelier can recommend a good wine to complement a good meal, there are many books that pair very well with online courses. Here are some pairings that I have found work well. If you have your own recommendations, please let everyone know via the comments.

I am developing this post so that pairs at a more granular level. Books and courses describe many different concepts, and sometimes we just need to learn one concept quickly.

Book Course
The Web Application Hackers Handbook by Dafydd Stuttard and Marcus Pinto Hack Yourself First: How To Go On The Cyber Offensive by Troy Hunt
Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans Domain Driven Design Fundamentals by Steve Smith and Julie Lerman
Profesional ASP.NET MVC 4 Building Applications with MVC 4 by Scott Allen
Growing Object Oriented Software Guided By Tests by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce Outside In Test Driven Development by Mark Seeman
Clean Code by Robert C. Martin Clean Code: Writing Code For Humans by Cory House
Chapter 2 Meaningful Names Naming Module
Chapter 3 Functions Functions Module
Chapter 4 Comments Comments Module
Chapter 10 Classes Classes Module
Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers Refactoring Fundamentals by Steve Smith
LINQ In Action LINQ Fundamentals by Scott Allen

Agile Principles, Patterns and Practices in C# by Robert Martin and Micah Martin

SOLID principles of Object Oriented Design by Steve Smith
Chapter 8 Single Responsibility Principle Single Responsibiliity Principle
Chapter 9 The Open/Closed Principle Open / Closed Principle
Chapter 10 Liskov Substitution Principle Liskov Substitution Principle
Chapter 11 Dependency Inversion Principle Dependency Inversion Principle
Chapter 12 Interface Segregation Principle Interface Segregation Principle
JavaScript The Good Parts Book JavaScript The Good Parts Course
1 Good Parts
2 Grammar
3 Objects
4 Functions Background on Functions
5 Inheritance Prototypal Inheritance
6 Arrays
7 Regular Expressions
8 Methods
9 Style The Way We Think
You Don’t Know JS Book Series Advanced JavaScript Course
Scope and Closures Advanced JavaScript: Scope Module
Advanced JavaScript: Closure Module
this and object prototype Advanced JavaScript: Object Orienting Module
Types and Grammar
Async and Performance Advanced JavaScript: Async Module

All of the above course links are currently Pluralsight or Front End Masters courses, but with your help I would very much like to add some examples from other online training sites, as well as the best You Tube videos.

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