Proposed changes to Teachers Awards

I have been thinking about the Zombie Code Kill Teacher Awards, and how it could be improved. It is a popular feature on the site and one that I very much want to continue. It is very important to celebrate the achievements of our best software engineering tutors.

However, I have always been concerned that it was too much down to my own opinions and I would like to strongly promote more participation from yourself, and all of my other readers.

So what I propose is that it moves to a quarterly award. On every 3rd month I will present 3 nominations and a poll will decide the winner. There will also be a “None of the above” option if you don’t like any of them. In the (hopefully unlikely) event that None of the above receives the most votes, another 3 candidates will be selected for another round voting.

As always you are very welcome to put forward your own nominations. Self nominations will not be allowed.

Update May 2015: I haven’t received any feedback on these proposals so I’ve interpreted that as a lack of interest. I very much hope that I can change this, however my revised plan is to do a yearly Teachers award rather than a quarterly award.

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