Much Against Everyone’s Advice

“Resistance feeds on fear. We experience Resistance as fear” – The War of Art

For months I have been procrastinating over a 3D side project that I wanted to do but was and still am frightened of. Why so scared?

Well, I’m a web application developer, not an artist. I’m 35 years old, but have never detected any significant artistic talent in myself.

3D art is not something easily mastered. Modelling and animation packages are huge. Just the documentation alone is 1951 pages, and reading understanding how something works is a long way from actually having the skill to be able to do it.

All conventional wisdom is to employ a professional to do a professional job and focus on the professional work that you know that you can do.

Putting out something that looks terrible is a real possibility, and could damage my professional reputation. That’s why I’m afraid.

Facing The Fear

Nothing was ever achieved by not trying, and if everyone thought they must limit themselves to doing just one thing well, then just in the case of one genius we would either never had the pleasure of seeing great art or hundreds of inventions.

Writing this post is the first step for me. My aim is to write one blog post charting my journey each week. Initial efforts are likely to be weak, but my hope is that with persistence the quality will steadily improve into something great.

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish” – Steve Jobs

I will also be covering WebGL programming later on in the series. So the series will be aimed at beginners, will use free tools and will take you to having your 3D artwork viewable on all modern web browsers.

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