Learning Path Progress

This article is to keep track of my progress on Pluralsight learning paths.
It also might help you either to pick a learning path, or pick a particular course in a learning path (see my personal favorites)

I have so far completed 9 learning paths:

I am interested in many other learning paths and was on track towards completing at least 12 of them in 2016 until I decided to change my aims.

Learning Path Total Hours No. completed courses Remaining courses Personal Favorite course in path
Android 43h 58m 10/14 4 left Exploring Android Studio
Manager 27h 6/13 Management 101
Managing Developers
Creating and Leading Effective Teams for Managers
Five Steps to Accountability
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques
Software Process Management
Management Strategies that will Increase Productivity Today
Entrepreneur 21h 59m 5/10 Marketing and Selling Your Own Products and Services
Financial Modeling for a Business Plan
Becoming a Better Listener
Effective Email Communication
LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies
LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile
Management 101
Productivity tips for the busy tech professional
developing-microsoft-azure-and-web-services-microsoft-exam-70-487 59h 4/14 Introduction to Windows Azure
Fundamentals of Azure Cloud Services and Storage
Implementing an API in ASP.NET Web API
10 Ways to Build Web Services in .NET
Identity and Access Control in WCF 4.5
Understanding .NET and WCF Transactions
ADO.NET Fundamentals
The Many Approaches to XML Processing in .NET Applications
XSLT 2.0 and 1.0 Foundations
CLR Fundamentals
Introduction to NuGet
CompTIA Storage+ 11h 14m 0/3 CompTIA Storage+ Part 1: Storage Fundamentals
CompTIA Storage+ Part 2: Network Storage & Data Replication
CompTIA Storage+ Part 3: Data Protection & Storage
Ethical Hacking ??? 10/20 Ethical Hacking: Cryptography
Ethical Hacking: Sniffing
Ethical Hacking: Buffer Overflow
Ethical Hacking: Penetration Testing
Ethical Hacking: Social Engineering
Ethical Hacking: System Hacking
Ethical Hacking: Denial of Service
Ethical Hacking: Hacking Mobile Platforms
Ethical Hacking: Hacking Wireless Networks
Ethical Hacking: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
Ethical Hacking: Reconnaissance/Footprinting
Agile 20h 47m 5/8 Agile in the Real World and
Big Scrum
Scrum Master skills
Scrum Fundamentals
Being a Better Employee 51h 34m 18/24 Working on a Team
LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile
LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies
Fundamentals of Written Proposals
How to Get Your Next Promotion
Relationship Management and Tracking for Your Career
Developer to Architect
Job Seeker 20h 38m 7/12 Designing a Killer Job Search Strategy
Resumes and self marketing for developers
Relationship Management and Tracking for Your Career
LinkedIn Proactive Strategies
Preparing For a Job Interview
New Hire 7h 40m 7/7 – COMPLETED 2015 COMPLETE!!! Productivity Tips for the Busy Tech Professional
Scrum 14h 35m 3/5 Big Scrum, Real World Scrum with TFS 2013 Scrum Fundamentals
CompTIA+ Security 18h 32m 6/6 – COMPLETED 1st Jan 2016 See Review here
Entity Framework 23h 46m 5/8 Entity Framework 4.1 – DbContext Data Access
Data Layer Validation with Entity Framework
Entity Framework 6: Ninja Edition – What’s New in EF6
Looking Ahead to Entity Framework 7
Python Fundamentals 26h 16m 5/7 Introduction to the Flask Microframework
Python – Beyond the Basics
Unit Testing with Python
Querying SQL Server (70-461) 8h 53m 0/2 SQL Server 2012 Querying (70-461) Part 1
SQL Server 2012 Querying (70-461) Part 2
T-SQL CRUD 38h 45m 5/12 SQL Server 2012 Querying (70-461) Part 1
SQL Server 2012 Querying (70-461) Part 2
SQL Server: Database Creation, Configuration, and Alteration
Using XML and XQuery Effectively with SQL Server
SQL Server 2012: Transact-SQL Error Handling
Unit Testing T-SQL Code with tSQLt
Advanced SQL Queries in Oracle and SQL Server
SQL Server: Transact-SQL Common Table Expressions
Administering SQL Server (70-462) 14h 40m 0/3 SQL Server 2012 Database Administration (70-462) Part 1
SQL Server 2012 Database Administration (70-462) Part 2
SQL Server 2012 Database Administration (70-462) Part 3
Web Application Development with ASP.NET MVC 5 31h 39m COMPLETE Build Your Own Application Framework with ASP.NET MVC 5
Getting to great with C# 42h 26m 5/9 Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals in C#
Dependency Injection On-Ramp
Design Patterns On-Ramp
Clean Code: Writing Code for Humans
Programming C# (Microsoft Exam 70-483) 59h 54m 7/16 ADO.NET Fundamentals (passed but not watched)
Introduction to Visual Studio 2012 – Part 1
Introduction to Visual Studio 2012 – Part 2
Practical Reflection in .NET
C# 5 New Features IS RETIRED and replaced by Asynchronous C# 5.0
Async and Parallel Programming: Application Design
C# Programming Paradigms
C# End to End 56h 22m 8/14 C# Equality and Comparisons
C# Extension Methods
Asynchronous C# 5.0
C# Tips and Traps 2
C# Language Internals – Part 1
C# Language Internals – Part 2
C# Programming Paradigms
C# deep dive 20h 10m 6/6 COMPLETE See Review here C# Events, Delegates & Lambdas
24 hours to becoming a C# master 27h 21m 5/8 Introduction to C# and .NET
CLR Fundamentals
CLR Threading
C# Programming Paradigms
Understanding the .NET Framework 40h 03m 5/11 CLR Fundamentals
.NET Puzzles, Gotchas & Cautionary Tales
Streaming in .NET 4.5
Serialization in .NET 4.5
Practical Reflection in .NET
Async and Parallel Application Design
Introduction to Localization and Globalization in .NET
HTML 5 22h 44m 7/7 COMPLETE! HTML5 Web Storage, IndexedDB and File System
Taking The Leap from Flash to HTML5 Video
HTML 5 Canvas Fundamentals
HTML Fundamentals
24 hours to MVC mastery 25h 1/5 Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 3
MVC 3 Fundamentals
and others
ASP.NET MVC 4 Fundamentals
CSS 18h 34m 4/5 CSS3 In-Depth Responsive Web Design
Developing ASP.NET Web Applications (Microsoft Exam 70-486) 60h 20m 6/16 ASP.NET 3.5 Advanced Topics
and 8 othersIntroduction to windows azureOWASP Top 10 for ASP.NET
HTML 5 Advanced Topics
Web Security and the OWASP Top 10: The Big Picture
Front end web development 20h 55m COMPLETE Bootstrap 3
Learning Path: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (Microsoft Exam 70-480) 32h 52m COMPLETE jQuery Fundamentals
JavaScript Language 19h 6/6 COMPLETE Fixing Common JavaScript Bugs
Angular JS 29h 48m 1/6
Angular JS Fundamentals
Angular Best Practices
AngularJS In-Depth
Application Building Patterns with AngularJS
Building Apps with Angular and Breeze – Part 1
Building Apps with Angular and Breeze – Part 2
Angular JS Fundamentals

I also need to balance this work against other courses on my bookmark list, and
other interesting courses continually becoming available.

My bookmark list must stay pruned down to the most essential courses, and cover both learning path courses and one or two new “must have” courses.

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