Teacher of the Year 2015 Finalist Kate Gregory


Kate Gregory is a a founding partner of Gregory Consulting Limited.
She has over three decades of software development experience in a variety of programming languages including Fortran, PL/I, C++, Java, Visual Basic, and C#.

One of the services her company provides is mentoring, such as getting old-school C++ programmers up to speed with modern day C++ 11

Kate says with all mentoring gigs you never really know what to expect. You say “next week we’ll look at solving that alignment problem on the new dialog” but something comes up and when you get together the client says “I urgently need to find out how to [something]” and the training plan adjusts accordingly.

Kate has produced 19 courses for Pluralsight.

Kate teaches her clients about the architecture and design principles, and demonstrates how this can be done by writing high quality code for them.

Her course on using StackOverflow and StackExchange sites was the inspiration for part of my Career Objectives and 2015 Goals. I agree with Kate that every developer can get a lot more out of this very useful resource by watching this course.

Teaching Work in 2015

Kate is an active user on Stack Exchange, with particularly high contributions in The Workplace.

She produced the What’s New in the Visual Studio 2015 Preview for C++ Developers course earlier this year, and has written a new Visual Studio 2015 course.

In February she presented two sessions at Code on the Sea – a conference held on the sea days of a cruise to the Bahamas – one on why everyone should know about Today’s C++ and one about the header of the Standard Library.

In April she spoke at ACCU in Bristol on Modernizing Legacy C++ code with James McNellis – an expanded version of the talk they did together at CppCon last year.

Kate is currently enjoying a well earned once in a lifetime transPacific trip from Australia to Chile. She continues to stay connected and productive while she is away.

This year Kate is again helping to run CppCon, the largest C++ conference ever. She is the chair of the Open Content (including Lightning Talks) track and on the Program and Planning Committees.

She will deliver a session called “Stop Teaching C” at the end of September.

If you have been inspired by any of Kate’s courses or other teaching work, please leave a comment below to say thank you.

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