Teacher of the Year 2015 Finalist Tomas Petricek


Tomas Petricek is a long-term F# enthusiast, frequent conference speaker and co-authored “Real-World Fun­ctional Programming” with Jon Skeet.

He gained his expertise in F# by contributing to its development while working as a contractor at Microsoft Research.

He is a founder of DualNotion ltd. where he provides training and consulting services.

His book Real World Functional Programming has been around for almost 6 years, but it is still popular with people often saying that it was a book that helped them get into functional programming.

If you are wondering whether this book might be for you, there are two free sample chapters available:

Chapter 4: Exploring F# and .NET libraries by example
Chapter 12: Sequence expressions and alternative workflows

Within the F# community, Tomas has been answering a lot of questions on StackOverflow and has edited a collection of F# case studies in the book F# Deep Dives.

A sample chapter that may be of interest written by Tomas Petricek with Don Syme is:

Chapter 1: Succeeding with functional-first languages in the industry

Tomas has also spoken at 77 events in 12 countries and produces an excellent blog that I highly recommend.

Teaching work in 2015

Tomas Petricek recently spoke at NDC Oslo 2015 and NCRAFTS France 2015.

In London, England Tomas has worked with Skills Matters, speaking at The F# eXchange, Fast Track to F# with Tomas Petricek & Phil Trelford and Literate_programmin­g.With(“F#”­)

Tomas has produced a series of web programming videos on Channel 9 with Seth Juarez:

Tomas says the most fun thing that he did recently is a 3D programming environment that aims to make functional programming fun and accessible for kids.

8 Year old Sean Trelford used this in his lightning talk at the recent NDC conference.

Please join me in congratulating Tomas on reaching the final 5 contestants for the Teacher of the Year 2015 award.

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