Teacher of the Year Finalist Dr. Axel Rauschmayer


Axel has been programming since 1985 and developing web applications since 1995.
He held his first talk on Ajax in 2006, and has done extensive research into programming language design.

He’s followed the state and future of JavaScript since its creation.

Axel has taught software engineering at the University of Munich and web development as a lecturer at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

He’s been chronicling his exploration of the JavaScript language and other software engineering experiences through his blog 2ality.

Axel has served as editor of the widely read email newsletter JavaScript Weekly

In 2014, he finished his JavaScript book for programmers, Speaking JavaScript

Teaching Work in 2015

Axel published the book Exploring ES6 on Leanpub. He continues to regularly blog about ECMAScript 6/ECMAScript 2015.

He also holds workshops on JavaScript and web development for his company Ecmanauten.

He is currently considering branching out into other media and creating videos and audio content.

If you’ve been inspired by either of Axel’s books, or his other teaching work, please leave a comment below to say thank you.

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