Software Engineering Teacher of the Year 2015

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Wins


The last few months have built up to the final poll for the Software Engineering Teacher of the Year. The poll was extremely close for the first few days, with Erik Dietrich in the lead for a while, however many votes came in for Axel later and he ended up with a large majority of the votes (69%), showing just how popular his training, books and talks are.

Axel has been programming since 1985 and developing web applications since 1995. He held his first talk on Ajax in 2006, and has done extensive research into programming language design.

He’s followed the state and future of JavaScript since its creation.

Axel has taught software engineering at the University of Munich and web development as a lecturer at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

He’s been chronicling his exploration of the JavaScript language and other software engineering experiences through his blog 2ality.

Axel has served as editor of the widely read email newsletter JavaScript Weekly

In 2014, he finished his JavaScript book for programmers, Speaking JavaScript which received widespread acclaim

“I’ve read many JavaScript books, but none that show the attention to detail and comprehensiveness of Speaking JS, without being boring or overwhelming. I’ll be recommending this book for years to come.” – Guillermo Rauch, creator of and mongoose

In addition to the print version, Speaking JavaScript is available free online.

This year Axel published the book Exploring ES6 on Leanpub.
ES6 stands for ECMAScript 6, also known as ECMAScript 2015, which is the latest specification for the JavaScript language.
He continues to regularly write about this major JavaScript update on 2ality

He also holds workshops on JavaScript and web development for his company Ecmanauten.

If you are interested in Axel’s work you can:

To see the full list of great Teachers in software engineering, see the Teachers Page

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who voted. I recommend also reading about the runners up who are all excellent teachers with great blogs:

Kate Gregory
Erik Dietrich
Steve McConnell
Tomas Petricek

I will be organizing another Teacher of the Year contest towards the end of 2016.

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