A hybrid app journey and other Front End London Talks

My brother’s talk is now publically available.

This talk covers Cordova, React,Flux, Gulp and Bluetooth services.

This is just one of several talks recently given at Front End London.

Other speakers were Andy Davies, Lily Dart, Emma Richens, Ben Scott, Seren Davies and Edd Sowden.

It is nice to see this event bucking the usual practice of having heavily male dominated events with an almost 50/50 gender representation.

Web performance talk

HTTP/1.1 was standardised in the 1990’s and the web has dramatically changed since then. In this talk Andy Davies explores what is different about HTTP/2, why we needed to update HTTP, and what impact it has for us as developers and consumers of the web.

For more coverage on speeding up your Apps, see the performance page.

User Experience and Leadership talk

Lily Dart talks about the qualities we need as team members to make our user experience successful, and what can happen when we struggle to motivate the people we work with to work towards the same goals

Emma Richens gives a whirlwind exploration of self-doubt, confidence, and encouraging diversity in the tech workplace. This covers Impostor Syndrome and the Dunning Kruger effect, and how to boost your confidence. I also discuss some of these issues in Honestly evaluating your skills and talk about the gender gap on programming in pink

Ben Scott shows how to use a component library as a foundation for your application, how to formalise the transformation from data objects to visual components and why this helps speed up development and ensure visual consistency.

Accessibility talks

Seren highlights accessibility issues that icon fonts have and discusses the alternative of using Scalable Vector Graphics

Edd discusses mistakes and pitfalls made building GOV.UK, including building a single page “app”. Covers how to find out how accessible your websites are.

Finally Andrew Faraday is the host of Just a Minute and joined by a panel of guests playing this quiz, covering topics such as CSS, Responsive Design, and the tag.

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