Developer Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the polls so far.

The latest poll, was whether you should answer questions on (or other developer related StackExchange sites) on your employer’s time?

78% Yes
22% No
46 votes

Here are all the other polls done on Twitter so far. This is a new feature on Twitter so if you aren’t running a new version, you will have just seen my question without the poll on it. I think Twitter is great for surveying opinions anonymously (I don’t know who has voted). Due to the 140 character limit, its not so great for lengthy explanations. If you have an opinion on any of these polls that you’d like to share, please add a comment below.

39% Higher
61% Lower
31 votes

63% Yes
37% No
16 votes

21% Better
79% Worse
14 votes

59% Reduce
41% Increase
17 votes

28% Yes
72% No
18 votes

20% A chemical element
80% A testing framework
10 votes

58% Vim
42% Atom
12 votes

33% Sublime Text
67% Visual Studio Code
15 votes

100% Babel
0% Traceur
6 votes

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