React Redux introduction

These are quick notes written while watching tonight’s London React meet up.

Slides from Jonas Ohlsson’s talk are here: using-redux and his demo is critical css

Redux is an open source flux framework (there are others available, such as React Flux).

It’s available on Github here: rackt/redux

This means it auto loads (also known as hot reloads) your JavaScript into the browser as you type.

Standalone – not tied to React JS

It is modular and tiny – just 2kb in size.

Flux high level architecture is Action-> Despatcher->Store->View

Redux high level architecture is Action->Reducer->Store->View

Action creators are JS objects. Does not dispatch actions (unlike Flux)

Reducers are a new concept in Redux, which you write instead of Stores.
They are pure functions (they do not hold any state)


Provider and Connect (add-in)


Dan Abramov (author of Redux) has a free course consisting of 30 video clips. It brings insights about immutability, testing, Redux best practices, and using Redux with React.

Egg head also has videos on Facebook’s Flux architecture: React Flux Architecture

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