JavaScript Learning Path

This learning path by Pluralsight is a beginner friendly path, and aims to teach you basic competence in the JavaScript language.

As a rough guideline, I think that if you have been programming in JavaScript for less than a year, or if you have used JavaScript on and off for a few years but mainly use a different programming language then you will learn to write better JavaScript by watching this learning path.

JavaScript is a very misunderstood language, but this learning path will correct any misunderstandings that you may have.

If you are a JavaScript beginner, I recommend moving through the learning path a lot slower: Spend about a week on each course and practice lots of examples to check that you understand correctly.

After I have finished this learning path I will also give some advice on where you can go next to learn advanced skills.

The links in this table point to the courses on Pluralsight

Course Duration
Learning to Program: Getting Started 03:12:00
JavaScript Fundamentals 02:53:00
JavaScript Design Patterns 02:02:00
Structuring JavaScript Code 02:10:00
Fixing Common JavaScript Bugs 03:42:00
Testing Clientside JavaScript 04:51:00
Total 18:50:00

This is my third learning path this year. You can also read my reviews of C# Deep Dive and CompTIA Security+.

Learning to Program: Getting Started by Scott Allen

See my review here

JavaScript Fundamentals by Liam McLennan

See my review here

JavaScript Design Patterns by Aaron Powell

See my review here

Structuring JavaScript Code by Dan Wahlin

See my review here

Fixing Common JavaScript Bugs by Elijah Manor

See my review here

Testing Clientside JavaScript by Joe Eames

See my review here

Once you’ve completed this learning path

Spend some time practicing what you have learned here, and then decide which path you want to take:

If you want to when you feel ready to dive into even more depth on the JavaScript language, watch Advanced JavaScript by Kyle Simpson

And then you’ll know almost everything there is to know about EcmaScript 5.

However none of the above courses cover EcmaScript 2015 (a.k.a. ES6, JS.Next, Harmony). I can recommend two courses on this:

JavaScript Fundamentals for ES6 by Scott Allen and Joe Eames

JS.Next: ES6 by Aaron Frost

Or, if you are more interested in frameworks than the underlying language, there are many more courses available.

There is a whole learning path available for Angular JS, but if you just want a high level overview of it in order to assess how much more time you should invest in it, see Angular: The Big Picture

If React JS is what you want to learn, then if you are starting from scratch watch React.js: Getting Started by Samer Buna or if you already have a bit of experience with it see Building Applications with React and Flux by Cory House. There are several other React courses available as well.

Also you might be interested in Marionette or Ember. Both of these courses are by Rob Conery.

Regardless of which framework you decide, you should consider also using either Underscore or Lo-Dash. I can recommend Underscore Fundamentals by Craig Shoemaker

Finally there is the veteran of JavaScript frameworks, jQuery, which is still pretty useful from time to time in my opinion.

Ironically the best course that I’ve seen for learning it is jQuery-Free JavaScript by Elijah Manor, which not only teaches you jQuery but also how to do the equivalent functionality in native JavaScript, raising your skills in both at the same time.

I hope this guide helps you with your studies.

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