The Unofficial F Sharp Learning Path

There is currently no official Pluralsight learning path for F#.

This is very odd because there are plenty of F# courses available.
So here is my unofficial F# learning path:
F# Jumpstart by Kit Eason 1h 25m
F# Fundamentals by Liam McClennan 5h 40m
2h 14m
Building F# Type Providers by Dave Fancher 1h 25m
Introduction to Property-based Testing with F# by Mark Seemann 1h 34m
3h 44m
2h 28m
2h 17m
3h 56m
Total 23h 18m

There is also an F# course from Oliver Sturm available. This might be well worth watching but I’ve omitted it because it is quite old (March 2012).

This year I am doing a Learning Path challenge: a new learning path every month in 2016. I post a poll on Twitter each month and study the learning path and review the learning path with the most votes.

In May 2016, I am doing Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (Microsoft Exam 70-480) (thanks for your votes).

Although there is no official F# learning path, if there is enough interest I will review this unofficial one.

Please let me know, either via the comments, or via Twitter.

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