C# Generics

Welcome to this review of C# Generics by K. Scott Allen.scott-allen

Scott Allen has over 25 years of commercial software development experience across a wide range of technologies. He has successfully delivered software pro
ducts for embedded, Windows, and web platforms.

To learn more about him, see my career strategies interview with him and other successful developers on Outlier Developer.

C# Generics by Scott Allen

C# Generics is a fairly long course, at 4 hours 20 minutes and featuring 7 modules.

It forms part of the following learning paths on Pluralsight:

C# Generics – Why Generics?

Working with Generic Collections

Generic Classes and Interfaces

Generic Methods and Delegates

Constraints, Covariance, and Contravariance

Explains covariance and contravariance. Covers the interface constraint.

Generics and Reflection

This module creates a basic IoC container using Generics and reflection.

Generic Odds & Ends

These are miscellaneous topics that don’t fit into any other module.

Related courses:
The Reflection module shows you how to build a basic inversion of control (IoC) container using Generics.
The fourth module of Jon Skeet’s C# Design Strategies course also shows you how to write an IoC container.
For more information on IoC, check out Inversion of Control by John Sonmez or Practical IoC with ASP.NET MVC 4 which is also by John Sonmez.

For more information on Reflection see Practical Reflection in .NET by Jeremy Clark

There is further coverage of Constraining Generics in “C# Tips & Traps 2” later on in the C# Deep Dive learning path.

Exercise files (pluralsight plus subscribers only) contains: slides and code (before and after) for each module.

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