C# Tips and Traps


Jason Roberts

Welcome to this review of the Pluralsight course “C# Tips and Traps” by Jason Roberts.

Jason is a Microsoft .NET MVP with over 15 years industry experience. He has written multiple books including Clean C#, and C# Tips. He is also an open source contributor and the creator of FeatureToggle.

C# Tips & Traps by Jason Roberts

This course forms part of the following learning paths:

This is unusual for a Pluralsight course because in most courses each subsequent video clip builds on knowledge from the previous one. This course is a collection of different pieces of advice. Each video clip is a self contained lesson and the course could be watched in any order.

I have been coding in C# for about 6 years, and watched approximately different 100 Pluralsight courses featuring C#, but I saw a number of things for the first time in this course.

Your mileage from this course will vary according to how you like to use Visual Studio and the type of work you do.

Some pieces of advice will be useful immediately, and others will become useful months or years down the line.

Not much previous knowledge is required in order to understand this course. None of the previous courses on this learning path are prerequisites. You only need to have a very basic understanding of C# and Visual Studio.

The 4th module is mainly about data validation, particularly DateTime validation. If you are interested in thoroughly learning the DateTime format in .NET, check out course number 7 in my Top 10 Pluralsight courses article.

Productivity Tip: Each module in this course has a module overview and a module summary. The module overviews just name the video clips that follow next and the module summaries name the video clips that you have just watched. So you can save yourself a decent amount of time (more than 20 minutes at 1x speed) by skipping past these.

Note Taking Tip: I’ve mentioned in my Making The Most Of Pluralsight article that Visual Studio Code is a good text editor for taking notes. Regardless of which text editor you use for C#, you’ll want to set it to C# mode while taking notes for this course, because you’ll be mostly writing code, rather than English.

Related Courses: Jason has followed up this smorgasbord with another compendium of Tips and Traps: C# Tips and Traps 2

Recommended speed: 1.6x

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