24 Hours to Becoming a C# Master Learning Path

Welcome to this early work in progress review of the Pluralsight learning path 24 Hours to becoming a C# master

The aim of this learning path is to give you C# and .NET Proficiency, and this path is friendly for .NET and C# beginners.

Course Duration
Introduction to C# and .NET 03:45:00
CLR Fundamentals 04:20:18
C# Fundamentals – Part 1 06:16:54
C# Programming Paradigms 02:44:15
C# 4.0 New Features 01:34:09
.NET Regular Expressions 03:29:00
CLR Threading 02:37:08
C# 5 New Features 01:15:05
Enterprise Library Overview 01:19:19
Total: 27:21:08

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