Getting to Great with C# Learning Path

Welcome to this early work in progress guide to the Getting to Great with C# learning path. It will probably be a few months before I complete this learning path, but I want to highlight the courses what I have already reviewed for you:

Course Duration
Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals in C# 4h 22m
Defensive Coding in C# 4h 32m
Clean Code: Writing Code for Humans 3h 10m
C# Interfaces 2h 52m
Abstract Art: Getting Things “Just Right” 2h 08m
Dependency Injection On-Ramp 2h 38m
SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design 4h 08m
Design Patterns On-Ramp 3h 31m
Design Patterns Library 15h 01m
Total 42h 26m

I have watched most of these courses and just need to write up the reviews. My favorite one is Cory House’s Clean Code course.

There are many learning path options for C# developers. If the above list doesn’t appeal to you, here are some alternative learning paths:

C# Deep Dive
Programming C# (Microsoft Exam 70-483)
C# End to End

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