Understanding the .NET Framework Learning Path

Welcome to this early work in progress review of the Pluralsight learning path Understanding the .NET Framework

Course Duration
CLR Fundamentals 4h 20m
C# Collections Fundamentals 5h 56m
Practical Reflection in .NET 3h 23m
Introduction to Localization and Globalization in .NET 3h 00m
Streaming in .NET 4.5 3h 54m
Serialization in .NET 4.5 4h 22m
.NET Regular Expressions 3h 29m
.NET Puzzles, Gotchas & Cautionary Tales 2h 23m
CLR Threading 2h 37m
Introduction to Async and Parallel Programming in .NET 4 2h 51m
Async and Parallel Programming: Application Design 3h 45m
Total 40h 03m

There are many learning path options for C# developers. If the above list doesn’t appeal to you, here are some alternative learning paths:

C# Deep Dive
Programming C# (Microsoft Exam 70-483)
C# End to End
Getting to Great with C#

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