Angular 2 – Google I/O Summary

Available on You Tube now is the Google I/O 2016 talk by Kara Erickson and Jules Kremer.

Jules describes Angular 1 as a framework and Angular 2 as a platform that is much more than just a framework

She describes the many parts of Angular 2, including:

We hear that the top three priorities for the development team are Performance, Productivity and Versatility.


Google rewrote AdWords in Angular 2 to improve performance.

Jules talks about Universal and how Web Workers make your apps more responsive.


We learn about Augury, a plugin for Chrome, and the many infamous directives that Google have removed in Angular 2.

Jules also explains the motivation for creating the Angular 2 Style Guide


At (15:12) we learn about Google’s partners and their Angular 2 based products:

Ionic (Ionic Framework 2), Telerik (NativeScript) and Amadeus

Then there’s a description of Desktop, using Electron.

At (17:16) Kara takes the stage, introducing puppy love, a dating app for dogs that showcases the new Angular 2 features.


There were some technical problems with the original recording, so it was rerecorded later and we see the re-recording next.

It’s nice to see helpers for creating the various sizes of images for mobile apps. This is a big time saver on its own.

Kara runs the skeleton code on iOS simulator which just displays a title on a white background. Then we see the app brought to life as Kara adds all of the code that we need.

Each dog is an Angular Card, and for the first iteration the data is hard-coded on the client.

At (27:40) we see the Angular team dogs. Kara then adds SNIFF and WOOF actions.

From (28:28) we see how to get the data coming from the server using Firebase.

Finally, Kara adds functionality to add a new dog profile. This all comes together very quickly, start to finish in about 15 minutes.

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