Exploring Android Studio – Setting Up Android Studio

Welcome to Part 2 of this review of the Pluralsight course Exploring Android Studio
by Larry Schiefer


Larry Schiefer

Larry Schiefer is the CTO and co-founder of HiQES, a mobile, embedded, and application development service company.

Larry has over 16 years of experience leading teams, and designing and developing high performance and robust software, and is a Google GDE.

Setting Up Android Studio


In this module Larry sets up Android Studio on a Windows 7 64 bit machine

If you need to install Android Studio on a Mac, you can use this guide


System Requirements

We learn that these are very similar to Eclipse/ADT requirements.

Larry explains that additional software needs to be installed on your machine, such as Windows updates and the Java JDK

Download, Install, and Update

This video clip is a bit out of date now because Android Studio is no longer an Early Access Preview, but the installation process is mostly the same today.

I did not see any Canary updates offered to me, and I think this is due to Android Studio now being a stable mainstream product.

Larry says that it is usually a good idea to update, but there are some issues to be aware of

Dangers With Updates

Again I don’t think this clip is entirely relevant any more because updates aren’t still getting pushed out as regularly as Larry describes here.

Larry also describes a problem with Gradle version numbers and Android Gradle plugin versions being different.

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