Automated ASP.NET MVC Testing: Further Learning


Jason Roberts

Welcome to Final Part of this review of the Pluralsight course Automated ASP.NET MVC Testing: End to End by Jason Roberts.

With over 15 years industry experience, Jason is a Microsoft .NET MVP who has has written multiple books including Clean C#, and C# Tips. He is also an open source contributor and the creator of FeatureToggle.


Course Summary, Complimentary Techniques and Further Learning

Testing Pyramid Redux

The testing pyramid consists of 3 layers: Unit, Integration and UI, and this course has shown how to test at every level.

Use Tools to Add Value

A reminder that we should only use the testing tools that make sense for our project.

A Holistic View of Testing

We should not duplicate effort – if we have certain types of code very well testing in one or two areas, it may be a waste to write more categories of tests for them.

Testing Legacy Applications

We see that we might begin with an upside down pyramid, as unit testing can be difficult for legacy applications.

Complementary Techniques

Jason describes:

  • Convention Tests
  • Business Readable Tests (with SpecFlow or BDDfy)
  • Approval Tests (e.g. for drawing a Stick Man!)

Further Learning and Resources


TestStack: FluentMVCTesting, Convention Tests and BDDfy

Building the Right Thing in .NET with TestStack course

Automated Acceptance Testing with SpecFlow and Gherkin course

Many Thanks to Jason Roberts on producing another high quality and valuable course.

If you got value out of this summary, I recommend watching the whole course.

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