Surrey Go User Group Meetup


The inaugural Surrey Go User Group meetup was held in Dorking, England tonight.

Attendees were a mixture of Go lang enthusiasts and other developer coming to learn what all the fuss is about Go.

Kevin Golding presented the event.

Kevin came to Go from a Node JS background. He has found Go to be extremely fast, significantly faster than Node JS.

He’s also found asynchronous programming to be much easier, and loves the fact that the compiler is designed to protect you against many coding mistakes including poor coding style.

He has found that JavaScript is a great language for User Interface and web work, and Go is a great language for back end systems, especially embedded systems.

He now works as Applications Manager at SMC Communications Ltd and credits Go as the language that has helped him to grow his business.

He highly recommends Lite IDE as your main tool for writing Go.

Slides from the talk will be available soon.

The next Surrey meetup will be held on 7th September 2016, with Simon Ritchie presenting Go Blimey

If you do not live in England there are plenty of other Go Meetups around the world which you can find here.


surrey-golang group

Go London User Group


Download production versions

A Tour of Go

This is a useful guide for beginners with simple examples to try out on each page.

Basics 1: Random Number
Basics 2: Square Root
Basics 3: Pi and Exported Names
Basics 4: Functions and Adding Numbers
Basics 5: shorthand function signature
Basics 6: Swap Function
Basics 7: Named return values
Basics 8: Variables
Basics 9: Variables with initializers
Basics 10: short variable declarations
Basics 11: Basic Types
Basics 12: Zero values
Basics 13: Type conversions
Basics 14: Type inference
Basics 15: Constants
Basics 16: Numeric Constants

Flow Control 1: For

What’s New

What’s new in Golang v1.7?


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