Don’t push, be pulled

How can we improve ourselves? The Internet is absolutely full of advice on things that we must do in every area of our life.

It is easy to find your schedule getting ever more packed with things that you must do.

But constantly pushing yourself to do more will only result in one outcome – wearing yourself down.

To achieve more, look for the things that pull you. These are the things that inspire you, that energize you!

Never tell yourself that you must do anything. Everything in life is a choice.

Anything you do, you do it because you want to, not because you have to.

Stop thinking “I have to do this and that today.”

Words such as “must” and “have to” are demands implying the threat of adversive consequences — something terrible will happen otherwise!

It is much better to live your life moving towards your goals, and in step with your values, rather than away from problems.

Start thinking “I would like to do this, and I have the opportunity to achieve this today.”

Let your values drive your actions. Be aware of how much attention you are placing on goals, and the relationship of your goals with your values.

Goals place your attention on the future. Thinking about the future some of the time is important, but we tend to be most happy, and most productive, when we are living in the present.

For further discussion of the past, present and future see:

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