Node JS Learning Path

Once again thank you for your votes on Twitter.

The Node JS Learning path on Pluralsight is one of the new style learning paths that were introduced a few weeks ago.

You should be familiar with JavaScript and some basic programming concepts.

The learning path covers three different skill levels:

Beginner – 3 hours

Introduction to Node.js (watched)

NPM Playbook

Intermediate – 9 hours

Building Web Applications with Node.js and Express 4.0

Large Scale JavaScript on Client and Server

RESTful Web Services with Node.js and Express

Advanced – 5 hours

Node JS Testing Strategies

Node Application Patterns

Measure Your Skill Level

There is also a new Pluralsight feature to measure your skill level. There are about 20 questions to answer.

I took this test and was rated as proficient at Node JS (60th percentile). This is about what I was expecting because I have a lot of experience with JavaScript but little experience with Node JS.

Due to this test, Pluralsight recommended that I start at intermediate level. I will follow this advice for now, but I will go back and review the beginner courses if I have time.

The next course that I will review is Building Web Applications with Node.js and Express 4.0

My ultimate goal is to produce a comprehensive analysis of how Node JS compares with ASP.NET Core as a platform for developing web applications, but I expect it to take several months before I am ready to take on that project.

In the meantime I hope that you will join me in learning Node JS, and that you get value out of my reviews.

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