Rapid ES6 Training


Welcome to this review of the Pluralsight course Rapid ES6 Training by Mark Zamoyta.

Mark started in the developer world over 25 years ago.

He has written numerous mobile apps and games for clients including Electronic Arts and Yahoo! Games.

Rapid ES6 Training is the final course in the new JavaScript learning path.

The aim of the course is for you to be able to use the new syntax and features of ES6, and the prerequisite is to be familiar with the earlier ES5 version of JavaScript.

Alternative ES6 Courses

I have previously watched a couple of other courses on ES6:
JS.Next: ES6 by Aaron Frost
JavaScript Fundamentals for ES6 by Scott Allen and Joe Eames

Both of these courses are good. Rapid ES6 Training is more modern though, as it was published after, rather than before the specification was finalized.

If you are a quick learner, you can also pick up a fair amount (albeit a minority) of ES6 at the same time as learning React and Redux in Cory House’s Building Applications with React and Redux in ES6

Rapid ES6 Training


The first question to ask is:

Can we use ES6 now in modern browsers?

Yes! Mark quotes the latest figures of support for ES6 at the time the course was recorded. Here’s how they’ve risen up until the time of this writing:

Chrome 96% -> 97%
Firefox 90% -> 92%
Edge 86% ->  95%

This course covers:

  • New Syntax
  • ES6 Modules and Classes
  • New Types and Object Extensions
  • Iterators, Generators and Promises
  • Arrays and Collections
  • The Reflect API
  • The Proxy API

Throughout the course there are on the spot tests. I will repeat the questions here, but not give away the answers.

An ES6 Compatibility Chart


Mark highlights the various sections from this vital resource.

Only 11% of ES6 features are supported by Internet Explorer 11.

On mobile iOS 9 has much better support for ES6 than Android 5.1

Mark explains that most browsers do not support modules yet.

Continue to Part 2 – New ES6 Syntax


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