Pluralsight Course Reviews

A compiled list of all Pluralsight courses reviewed by Zombie Code Kill.

I typically add 6 or 7 course reviews each month so check back here regularly for updates. All reviews are unofficial and are my opinions only.

I try my best to walk the tightrope of providing value to all readers including those without a Pluralsight subscription whilst respecting the copyright of Pluralsight and their authors. If you like the content of the reviews, you will love the content of the videos and I recommend that you watch the relevant course.


Android Beginner Series: Understanding Android by John Sonmez

Android for .NET Developers: 1 Getting Started by Jim Wilson

Android for .NET Developers: 2 Building Apps with Android Studio by Jim Wilson

Exploring Android Studio by Larry Schiefer

Android Location Based Apps by Jim Wilson

Start Developing For Android by Chiu-Ki Chan

Android Layout Fundamentals by Chiu-Ki Chan

Android Programming With Intents by Jim Wilson

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ Network Security by Chris Rees
CompTIA Security+ Compliance and Operational Security by Chris Rees
CompTIA Security+ Threats and Vulnerablilities by Chris Rees
CompTIA Security+ Application, Data and Host Security by Chris Rees
CompTIA Security+ Access Control and Identity Management by Chris Rees
CompTIA Security+ Cryptography by Chris Rees

C# Deep Dive

C# Interfaces by Jeremy Clark
C# Generics by Scott Allen
C# Tips and Traps by Jason Roberts
C# Tips an Traps 2 by Jason Roberts
C# Events, Delegates and Lambdas by Dan Wahlin
Practical LINQ by Deborah Kurata


Using Git with a GUI by Xavier Morera


Java Fundamentals: The Java Language by Jim Wilson

Introduction to Testing in Java by Richard Warburton

JavaScript Learning Path (original)

Learning to Program: Getting Started by Scott Allen
JavaScript Fundamentals by Liam McLennan
JavaScript Design Patterns by Aaron Powell
Structuring JavaScript Code by Dan Wahlin
Fixing Common JavaScript Bugs by Elijah Manor

HTML5 Learning Path

HTML Fundamentals by Matt Milner
HTML5 Fundamentals by Craig Shoemaker
HTML5 Advanced Topics by Craig Shoemaker
Get Started with HTML5 Boiler Plate by Chris Reynolds
HTML5 Web Storage, IndexedDB and File System
Taking the Leap from Flash to HTML5 Video by Lisa Larson-Kelley
HTML5 Canvas Fundamentals by Dan Wahlin

Ionic Framework

Building Mobile Apps with the Ionic Framework and Angular JS

Clean Code

Clean Code: Writing Code for Humans by Cory House


Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 by Christopher Schmitt
Introduction to CSS by Scott Allen
CSS3 In Depth by Estelle Weyl

Node JS Learning Path

Building Web Applications with Node JS and Express by Jonathan Mills
Large Scale JavaScript on Client and Server by Shawn Wildermuth
RESTful Web Services with Node.js and Express by Jonathan Mills

Node JS Testing Strategies by Rob Conery
Node Application Patterns by Rob Conery

New JavaScript Learning Path

Advanced Techniques in JavaScript and jQuery by Kevin Murray
Advanced JavaScript by Kyle Simpson
Rapid ES6 Training by Mark Zamoyta


jQuery Fundamentals by Dan Wahlin
Advanced Techniques in JavaScript and jQuery by Kevin Murray


Bootstrap 3 by Shawn Wildermuth

Angular JS

Angular 2 First Look by John Papa
Angular 2 Getting Started by Deborah Kurata

Aurelia JS

Aurelia Fundamentals by Brain Noyes

Browserify JS

Creating JavaScript Modules with Browserify by Jeff Valore

React JS

Building Applications with React and Flux by Cory House
Building Applications with React and Redux in ES6 by Cory House

Require JS

RequireJS: JavaScript Dependency Injection and Module Loading by Jeff Valore

Polymer JS

Getting Started with Polymer JS


Practical TypeScript Migration by Steve Ognibene


Webpack Fundamentals by Joe Eames

Other JavaScript

JavaScript Best Practices by Jonathan Mills

Reasoning about Asynchronous JavaScript by Wes Higbee


One ASP.NET From Scratch by Jesse Liberty and Jeff Fritz

Automated ASP.NET MVC Testing: End to End by Jason Roberts

Build Your Own Application Framework with ASP.NET MVC 5 by Matt Honeycutt


Introduction to the ASP.NET Web API by Jonathan Flanders


Building your first Xamarin.Android app: From Start to Store by Gill Cleeren

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