Creating a JavaScript Development Environment: Package Management

coryWelcome to Part 3 of this review of the Pluralsight course “Creating a JavaScript Development Environment” by Cory House.

Cory is a Microsoft MVP in C#, founder of, avid tech reader, and speaker.

He believes in clean code, pragmatic development, and responsive native UIs.

He has also created, and has the authored Pluralsight courses including Building Applications with React and Flux and Building Applications with React and Redux in ES6.

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Package Management

Package Managers

Cory gives a very brief overview of Bower, npm, JSPM, Jam and volo. He recommends npm.

Not mentioned is Yarn. See for details on that.

Demo: Install Node and npm Packages

We see how to download and install Node.

You can find the package.json code here:

To download all of the packages specified in this file, type the following into the command prompt:

> npm install

That is a lot of JavaScript, and any of these packages could potentially contain one or more security vulnerabilities.

Package Security

There are two security scanning solutions available: retire.js and Node Security Platform, and we use Node Security Platform in this course.

There a number of options for when to run the security check. For maximum security it is best to run the security check on npm start, and we’ll see how to do this.

Demo: Node Security Platform

Install with the command:

> npm install -g nsp

Then run it:

> nsp check

Continue to Part 4: Development Web Server

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