AngularJS Security Fundamentals


Troy teaches you AngularJS security

Welcome to this review of the Pluralsight course AngularJS Security Fundamentals by Troy Hunt.

AngularJS Security Fundamentals


Troy says this course covers the essential knowledge we need for building secure AngularJS applications. Much of the information is also applicable to other JS frameworks.

Why Angular Security?

“How do I secure my AngularJS apps?” is a very common developer question.
Troy says this course uses v1.3.8 but is also relevant to Angular 2 and other frameworks.

Who This Course Is For?

It’s for developers familiar with client side JS frameworks. It doesn’t matter what server side technology you use.

There is still a shortage of security information on although it is better than it was at the time the course was recorded.

About the Course

This course covers 4 main areas:

1. Understanding Client Framework Security Boundaries
2. Working With Server Side Security Controls
3. Common Security Flaws in Client Side Implementations
4. Native Security Constructs Within AngularJS

Introducing the Insecure AngularJS App

Take a look at this app yourself:

In this lesson Troy shows how to create your own login and add your own awesome places.

This app is designed to teach security lessons, not how to make an Angular app.

Continue to Part 2 – Understanding Client Framework Security Boundaries

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