Angular Learning Path

I am currently studying the Angular Learning Path on Pluralsight.

This learning path consists of 14 courses and takes 52 hours to watch at normal speed.

Below are links to reviews of these courses. These also act as supplementary material to the courses.

For details on how to get the most out of Pluralsight, see my collaboration with Justin Boyer: Pluralsight: The Definitive Guide.

Please check back later for more course reviews.



  • Angular Fundamentals by Jim Cooper and Joe Eames
  • Angular Routing by Deborah Kurata (review coming later)
  • Securing Angular Apps with OpenID Connect and OAuth2Brian Noyes
  • Unit Testing in Angular by Joe Eames
  • Angular Reactive Forms by Deborah Kurata
  • Angular NgRx: Getting Started
  • Angular HTTP Communication by Brice Wilson
  • Angular Services by Brice Wilson


  • Angular Best Practices by Jim Cooper
  • Angular Architecture and Best Practices by Dan Wahlin


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