History of the Internet

I have been writing the History of the Internet for the past 3 years now.

Below you can find links to these articles on Simple Programmer:

Part 1: Before the Web

Part 2: World Wide Web Early Years

Part 3: Netscape Domination

Part 4: Back to The Road Ahead

Part 5: The First Browser War

Part 6: U.S. vs. Microsoft Corporation

Part 7: Search Engines

Part 8: The Google Story

Part 9: The First Social Media Platforms

Part 10: The Rise of Facebook

Part 11: Apple and Steve Jobs

Part 12: Birth of the iPhone

Part 13: Redemption of the iPhone

Part 14: Google and AJAX Apps

Part 15: The Birth of Android

Part 16: iPhone versus Android

Part 17: Surveillance, Cryptography and Free Speech

Part 18: Free as in Freedom

Part 19: Bernstein vs. United States

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