Angular Projects Questions is the website which describes the new book Angular Projects.

I have bought a purchased a copy of this book, and finished reading it today. One thing that I like about the book is that, unlike most books on Angular, it is relatively up to date. It is based on Angular 8 (at the time of writing Angular 9 is about to come out but it has not changed much from Angular 8) and other recent technologies.

At the end of each chapter, the author, Zama, asks you a selection of questions to check that you have understood the material in the chapter.

Here are the questions. If you don’t know the answers, the book can help to teach you more about Angular and other web development. The answers are not provided explicitly, but the material in the book should help you to be able to answer these questions yourself.

Or, if you don’t want to buy the book but still want to find out the answers, I have included some links that should help you.

Chapter 2 — Building a Flashcard Game Using Angular

  • What are the different ways of adding external stylesheets/scripts to our project?
  • What are inputs and outputs in a component?
  • What is the Banana in a box syntax?
  • How can we display array/map/set data in our Angular templates?
  • How do you use *ngIf else in Angular templates?
  • What are observables?
  • What is the difference between Subject and BehaviorSubject?
  • Where do you unsubscribe observables in Angular components?
  • What is the importance of the async pipe?

Chapter 3 — Building a Personal Blog Using Angular Router and WordPress

  • What is a SPA and what are its benefits?
  • What are the roles of CoreModule and SharedModule in an Angular app?
  • How do you support different environments in an Angular app?
  • How do you create a feature module?
  • How do you add a lazy loaded route in Angular?
  • What is PreloadAllModules? What benefit do we get from using it?
  • How do you add Angular animations and use them?

Chapter 4 — Building an Inventory Application Using Reactive Forms

  • What are the three building blocks of reactive forms?
  • What are the different methods and properties of AbstractControl?
  • What is the difference between pristine and touched? What are the opposites of them?
  • What are the two different methods we can use to set values? What are the differences between them?
  • What does the hasError method do and how can we use it?
  • What is FormBuilder? How can we use it?
  • How do you add validations to reactive forms?
  • How do you create a custom validator in Angular?
  • How do you add asynchronous and asynchronous validations?
  • How can you optimize your JavaScript bundle?

Chapter 5 — Building a PWA E-Commerce Application Using Angular Service Worker

Chapter 6 — Building an Auditing Application Using Angular and Ionic

Chapter 7 — Building a Server-Side Rendering Application Using Angular

  • How do you measure the performance of your application?
  • How do you add Angular Universal to a Angular CLI application?
  • Why do we need to use TransferStateModule in Angular Universal projects?
  • What are the different methods that you can use in TransferState services to cache data?
  • How do you check whether the code is running on a server or browser?
  • What are the different things you need to consider for SEO?
  • How do different social media platforms scrape websites?
  • What is a preboot? How can it help your Angular Universal application?
  • What services do you use to set the title and meta tags?

Chapter 8 — Building an Enterprise Portal Using Nx, NgRx, and Redux

  • What is a monorepo application? What are the advantages of it?
  • What is Nx? What additional functionality does it provide over the Angular CLI workspace?
  • What is NgRx?
  • What is the flow of data in NgRx state management?
  • How do you authenticate users using token-based authentication?
  • What is Momentum Design?
  • What are Angular guards?
  • What are Angular HTTP interceptors?
  • Why and when do we need to use visualizations in our application?

For more on NgRx see NgRx: Getting Started

Chapter 9 — Building a Multi-Language NativeScript Application with Angular

  • What is NativeScript? How does it differ from Ionic?
  • What is the NativeScript Playground app?

You can try it out here:

  • What are the different layouts in NativeScript?
  • What is ngx-translate, and why should we use it in our application?
  • What are NativeScript plugins?

Chapter 10 — Building a Component Library Using Angular CDK and Elements

Chapter 11 — Testing an Angular Application Using Jasmine, Jest, and Protractor

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