The following is a list of 86 IT professionals who have produced notable or extraordinary work in educating the IT community.

There are some famous names here, but it is not a fame list so names such as Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak or Mark Zuckerberg are less likely to be added than a lesser known professional who has done more IT educational work.

This year zombiecodekill has made this process democratic, not just accepting suggestions but featuring polls for the public to vote for one Teacher to be crowned Teacher of the Year 2015.

The last 3 finalists were:

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer – JavaScript expert, author of speaking JS and exploring ES6
Erik Dietrich – .NET expert
Tomas Petricek – Functional Programming expert

The first poll ended on 7th September and the final poll ended on 7th October. Dr Axel Rauschmayer had the most votes in each poll.

Congratulations to Dr Axel Rauschmayer.


Teacher Role Website(s) Twitter Comments
Aaron Powell Frontend Developer http://www.aaron-powell.com/ @slace Microsoft MVP for Internet Explorer Development
Aaron Skonnard CEO of Pluralsight Pluralsight blog @skonnard Aaron is an expert in connected systems and has produced several good courses on Windows Communication Foundation as well as the Managed Services Engine
Adam Tuliper Microsoft Technical Evangelist complete development blogspot @AdamTuliper Author of Hack Proofing ASP.NET course
Adele Goldberg Computer Scientist WITI Hall of Fame One of the founders of Smalltalk
Andre Lamothe Embedded systems developer and game programmer Books by Lamothe Author of several game programming books
Anders Hejlsberg Technical Fellow at Microsoft Channel 9
Behind the Code C#
@ahejlsberg Inventor of Turbo Pascal, C# and TypeScript
Ayende Rahien Developer http://ayende.com @ayende Creator of RavenDB. Ayende’s real name is Oren Eini.
Alistair Cockburn Developer and Agile development consultant alistair.cockburn.us @TotherAlistair Founder of the Agile Manifesto. Crystal methodologies and much more.
Andrew Brust Blue Badge Insights CEO bluebadgeinsights.com @andrewbrust Author of the ZDNet blog “Big On Data”, and is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP.
Bjarne Stroustrup Managing Director of Morgan Stanley technology division and Visiting Professor at Columbia University stroustrup.com Inventor of C++
Brad Cox Programmer Belaborating The Obvious
Computer World
Brad Fitzpatrick Go Programmer Live Journal @bradfitz Author of OpenID
Bruce Eckel Author and Consultant mindviewinc.com @bruceeckel Author of Thinking in Java and Thinking in C++
Clemens Vasters Architect at Microsoft vasters.com/clemensv @clemensv Pluralsight author
Cory House Developer / Architect bitnative.com @housecor Founder of BitNative and Pluralsight author
Craig Shoemaker Web Developer, Instructor, Evangelist craigshoemaker.net/ @craigshoemaker
Dan Appleman CTO of Full Circle CRM advancedapex.com/ @danappleman Dan has extensive entrepreneurial experience, including founding Desaware Inc. and APress publishing.
Dan Wahlin Web application developer Dan Wahlin @danwahlin AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, Node.js, ASP.NET, C#, XAML
Dave Thomas Programmer Prag Dave @pragdave Author and Founder of the Agile Manifesto
David Heinemeier Hansson CTO at Basecamp DHH @DHH Creator of Ruby on Rails
David Chappell IT Consultant Opinari @DChappellAssoc David has been the keynote speaker for more than 100 conferences and events
David Starr Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Elegant Code @ElegantCoder Served as Chief Craftsman for Scrum.org and was a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM for 5 years
Donald Belcham Agile Developer Igloo Coder Microsoft MVP in C#
Donald Knuth Professor Stanford Author of The Art of Computer Programming
Dafydd Stuttard Security expert portswigger.net @portswigger Creator of Burp Suite and author of the web application hacker’s handbook
Douglas Crockford Frontend Architect at PayPal crockford.com Author of JavaScript the good parts
Ed Liberman Windows Server and Networking instructor Pluralsight Blog @Pluralsight_Ed As an instructor, Ed has helped thousands of people to get started or advance their careers in IT.
Eric Evans Programmer Evans DDD @ericevans0 Author of Domain Driven Design
Garann Means Frontend Web developer totes profesh @garannm
Gary Eimerman VP of IT Pro content at Pluralsight garyeimerman.com @GaryEimerman
Greg Low SQL engineer Channel 9
SQL Blog
@greglow SQL Server MVP, Microsoft RD and host of the SQL Down Under podcast.
Guido van Rossum Benelovent Dictator Guido @gvanrossum Inventor of Python
Guy Steele Java Programmer Growing a Language Coauthored all three editions of The Java Language Specification
Håkon Wium Lie CTO of Opera Software Håkon
Cascading Stylesheets PhD Thesis
Inventor of CSS
James Gosling Chief Software Architect at Liquid Robotics Nighthacks James Gosling Inventor of Java
Jeff Atwood Developer, author, blogger, and entrepreneur Coding Horror @codinghorror One of the world’s best bloggers
Jeremy Ashkenas JavaScript Developer @jashkenas Creator of CoffeeScript, BackboneJS and UnderscoreJS
Jeremy Jarrell Software Developer jeremyjarrell.com @jeremyjarrell Pluralsight author
Joe Sack SQL Engineer @josephsack Consultant, author, speaker, Microsoft SQL Server MVP and MCM specializing in performance tuning, scalability, high availability and disaster recovery.
Joel Spolsky Programmer Joel On Software @spolsky Creator of Stack Overflow
John Resig JavaScript Developer ejohn @jeresig Creator of JQuery
John Sonmez Simple Programmer simple programmer @jsonmez Author of 40+ Pluralsight courses
Jon Skeet Developer at Google csharpindepth.com @jonskeet Author of C# in Depth book and Mastering C# 4.0 Pluralsight course. StackOverflow superhero.
Joshua Bloch Java Programmer / Architect @joshbloch Author of Effective Java
Julie Lerman .NET Developer and mentor thedatafarm.com @julielerman Microsoft MVP and author on VTdotNET, Pluralsight and MSDN magazine
Kalen Delaney SQL engineer SQL Server Internals @sqlqueen Long serving SQL expert, author and instructor
Ken Schwaber Co-founder of Scrum and founder of Scrum.org scrum.org @kschwaber Founder of the Agile Alliance and the Scrum Alliance. Created the Certified Scrum Master programs
Kent Beck Agile and TDD pioneer Wikipedia @kentbeck One of the founders of the Agile Manifesto. Developed and popularised Test Driven Development
Kimberly Tripp SQL Engineer SQLskills @KimberlyLTripp Consultant, author, speaker, Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, MCM instructor, and Pluralsight author specializing in performance tuning.
Kyle Simpson Open Web Evangelist Getify @getify Author, workshop trainer, tech speaker, and avid Open Source community member with many contributions in JavaScript, HTML5, real-time/peer-to-peer communications, and web performance
Mark McDonnell Senior BBC News Engineer integralist.co.uk @integralist Uses Ruby/RSpec, Node, PHP, BEM, AMD
Mark Seemann Developer / Architect blog.ploeh.dk @ploeh Author of Dependency Injection in .NET book, creator of AutoFixture, Pluralsight author
Martijn Pieters Senior Open Software Engineer Martijn Pieters @zopatista With many years experience of serious web and content management applications, Martijn is the world’s most helpful expert Python developer.
Martin Fowler Programmer and Author Martin Fowler @martinfowler International speaker on software development, object-oriented analysis and design, design patterns and agile software development methodologies. Martin has written many excellent and influential books.
Martin Odersky Professor of Programming Methods at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne LAMP Publications @odersky Lead designer of Scala
Michael Dexter SAFe Consultant mdexterscms @mdexterscms
Michael Feathers Director silvrback.com @mfeathers Author of working effectively with legacy code
Mike Cohn Agile Software Development Consultant mountain goat software @mikewcohn Author of Succeeding with Agile book
Misko Hevery Javascript Developer at Google @mhevery One of the key developers of Angular JS
Linus Torvalds Linux superhero wikipedia @linus__torvalds Creator of Linux
Miguel De Icaza Free Software Programmer Tirania @migueldeicaza
Paul Irish Frontend Web Developer Paul Irish @paul_irish
Paul Randal SQL Engineer SQLskills @PaulRandal Consultant, author, speaker, Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, MCM instructor, and Pluralsight author specializing in high availability and disaster recovery.
Rob Conery Developer wekeroad.com @robconery Cofounder of Tekpub and creator of This Developer’s Life
Roy Osherove TDD and Continuous Integration consultant osherove.com @RoyOsherove Author of Beautiful Builds and The Art Of Unit Testing
Richard Stallman President of the Free Software Foundation wikipedia Inventor of the GNU project
Scott Allen ASP.NET developer odetocode.com @odetocode Earned over a million dollars as a Pluralsight author
Scott Hanselman Tech Evangelist at Microsoft Scott Hanselman @shanselman
Scott Guthrie Executive VP cloud and enterprise group at Microsoft Scott Gu @scottgu Creator of ASP.NET
Scott Meyers C++ Trainer C++11 @Scott__Meyers C++ Author and Trainer
Seth Ladd Google web engineer sethladd.com
Shawn Wildermuth Developer wildermuth.com @ShawnWildermuth Author of more than a dozen Pluralsight courses
Stephen Forte IT Entrepreneur about.me @worksonmypc Author of Best Practices for Software Startups
Steve Smith Developer ardalis.com @ardalis Pluralsight author
Stephen Walther Programmer and Author ST @swalther Author of many books including ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed, ASP.NET 4.0 Unleashed and Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript Unleashed
Tim Berners-Lee Director of the W3C Tim Berners-Lee on the next web
W3 People
@timberners_lee Inventor of the World Wide Web
Tim O’Reilly Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media Bio
TJ Holowaychuk JavaScript developer Medium @tjholowaychuk Creator of Luna, ExpressJS and many other open source projects
Troy Hunt Software Architect and Web security expert Troy Hunt @troyhunt Software architect, Pluralsight author and Microsoft MVP
Uncle Bob Martin Software Craftsman cleancoder.com @unclebobmartin Author of Agile PPP
Vint Cerf Computer Scientist Vinton Gray Cerf @vgcerf Invented TCP/IP
Ward Cunningham Developer Wikipedia A pioneer in design patterns and Extreme Programming
Yehuda Katz JavaScript developer @wycats Best selling author and member of the Ember.js, Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Teams
Yukihiro Matsumoto Programmer The Ruby Programming Language @matz_translated Inventor of Ruby

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