My name is Kevin O’Shaughnessy and zombie code kill is my programming blog. My motto is:

Do for others as you would want them to do for you

I want this blog to help you as much as possible, and to be the best it can possibly be. In order to achieve this, I need your feedback on what you like about it and what you don’t like about it. Please contact me to let me know.

About the author

I am fortunate enough to have been invited onto two great podcasts: developer on fire and my life for the code. In these shows I talk about my passions and beliefs and give advice to other developers, and the links provide retrospectives on them.

I graduated in Software Engineering in 2001, been programming professionally since 2005, practiced Agile development since 2012, and been a senior developer since 2014. Mentoring junior developers is something that I enjoy and am doing in my current job.

I am delighted to have inspired fantastic developers such as James Murphy and Krista Miller to keep achieving greater things. This makes the effort involved on this blog far more than worthwhile, and is something that I love.

I believe that if you are going to learn a subject, if possible you should learn it from the very best. This is why part of my work outside of my main job involves making strong professional connections. Top authors that have stated that they are honoured to be associated with part of my work include Steve McConnell, Grady Booch, John Sonmez, Mark Seemann and Stephen Forte.

The primary languages that I use are C# and JavaScript. I have also done a lot of VB.NET in the past, and used T-SQL throughout my career.

In 2015, I started learning Python and some basic F#, but my priority in 2016 is reaching the highest levels of expertise in C# and JavaScript as well as gaining good skills in application security. I am studying at least 12 learning paths this year.

I created zombie code kill as a developer resource with the aim of guiding developers towards producing better code and following better practices.

I rarely use code samples in my blogs because I prefer not to gear articles towards any particular segment of the software development industry.

I have a monthly guest slot on Simple Programmer, and have written 5 guest posts for outlierdeveloper.com and try to follow the great advice that is taught on these sites to keep improving myself as a developer.

I also wrote on a post on Programming In Pink to help encourage more girls to get involved with programming.

I have watched, and passed, more than 300 Pluralsight courses, (completed 443 as of July 2016). Many of my articles mention Pluralsight in one way or other because so much of my programming education comes from there. But I also believe that free is better than paid for and try to find good quality free links wherever possible.

zombiecodekill is a WordPress.com site. This has a number of pros and cons. I have purchased the No Ads feature to provide you with a clean distraction-free experience. There are some number of limitations, however, unless there is enough demand, I am likely to stick with it for a while longer because it enables me to focus on the content rather than the code to style the content. I plan to improve the look and feel of the site, as it is at present not representative of my typical professional work. However I am conscious that with that extra responsibility, I would be spending a lot more time on cosmetic details and less time on the content.

I am often updating old posts with improvements. You time is valuable so I would rather have a smaller number of good quality posts on this site than a high number lower quality posts. So whether the post is dated yesterday, or last year, the content may be newly updated.

In addition to blogging, I am active on Twitter using the handle @OShaughnessyKev

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