Pick of the Month

August 2019:
Angular Learning Path

April 2016:
HTML5 learning path

March 2016:

February 2016:
JavaScript Learning Path

January 2016:
C# Deep Dive Learning Path

December 2015:
Which Security Learning Path?

November 2015:
Is Internet Security Getting Better Or Worse?

October 2015:
Software Engineering Teacher of the Year 2015

September 2015:
Yes #noestimates equals estimates so let’s discuss estimates

August 2015:
Why Do We Need Software Craftmanship?

July 2015:
Three is the magic number

June 2015:
Passive to Active: Good, Better, Best

May 2015:
Work Life Balance

April 2015:
Top 10 Pluralsight Courses

February 2015:
I don’t care anymore

January 2015:
No Estimates book summary and commentary

December 2014:
Estimates, Goals and Finding the Time

November 2014:
Making the Most of Pluralsight 2nd edition

October 2014:
Why is it so hard to find a good .NET developer?

September 2014:
The hardest lesson: how to take criticism constructively

August 2014:
Start Living yours dreams today as a Software Developer

July 2014:
The Future Is JavaScript, only less terrible

June 2014:
Summary of Is TDD dead: Final Part Q & A

May 2014:
The Road From Nobody To Half a Somebody

April 2014:
Is TDD Dead? Really?

March 2014:
10 tips for better Agile

February 2014:
Survival Tips for Living with MS Test

January 2014:
Refactoring Forum

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